Trapp Lawn Mowers - MC 500G

Available Models include:

MC 500G: 5HP

MC 600G: 6HP

MC 80G: 3.7HP

RC 55C: 6HP

RC 65S: 6HP

RM 500G: 5HP

RM 500G: 5HP

RM 80G: 3.7HP

Manual Master

  • Ideal to Cut Grass in Small and Medium Areas.
  • Practical and Efficient.
  • Foldable Handle.
  • Three Cutting Heights.
  • Self-Sharpening Cutting Blade by Means of the Rotating Blades System.
  • Anti Corrosive Treatment on all Parts Subject to Oxidation.
  • Polyester Powder Painting, Polymerized in Stove at 180°C, Ensuring Greater Durability and Better Finish.
  • Cutting Range: 38 cm.
  • Weight: 7.5 kg.

Adjustable Wire Rake With Handle

For Sweeping and Gathering Leaves, Grass and other Debris

when Cleaning Parks.

12" Pruning Saw With Long Handle

Ideal for Cutting unwanted branches.

The Design of its Teeth makes the Cutting Operation Smoother and more Precise.

The Wooden Handle

12" Trapp Pro Grass Shears

To Cut Grass and Hedges. It is Provided with Exclusive Grooves in the Blade System, Preventing Grass from Bending over or from Crushing during Cutting.

Hose Toplex With Polyester Line

½”x 20m / ½” x 30m
Manufactured with extra-flexible PVC with anti-UV, that guarantee greater durability.
Reinforced with braided polyester yarn and parallel yarns for added strength.
Resists wear and tear caused by constant use.
Easy to handle.
Produced in three layers: PVC inner layer, intermediate layer with
polyester braided and PVC outer layer.
Comes with quick coupling and nozzle (except the Topflex version in coil), Adaptable to ½ “and ¾”
It has meter marking in metres (for the Topflex version in coils).

Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

To Keep Garden Hoses. It can be Fixed to the Wall.


3/4″ Hose : 25m

5/8″ Hose : 30m

½”   Hose : 50m

Superjet Spray Gun

4 Adjustable Types of Jets, to Wet Yards, Vegetable Gardens and Beds etc.

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