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coca cola merchandiser reviews

If this sounds like a great way to spend your valuable time, then please get in touch with us. Out of 943 The Coca-Cola Company employee reviews, 62% were positive. The remaining 38% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping The Coca-Cola Company improve their work culture. The IT team, with 94% positive reviews, reports the best experience at The Coca-Cola Company compared to all other departments at the company. The Customer Support team offered the most constructive feedback, with 49% of that department’s reviews constructive in nature.

I worked like a dog to get paid barely anything every 2 weeks. I would not recommend this position at all. Poor management, the only benefit this company offers is the ability to work a lot of overtime. You don’t get vacations or time off or sick time. The trainings given by this company need to be evaluated and severely changed. Opportunities at Coca-Cola consolidated are unlimited.

Planner – Auburndale, FL – Pay raises did not match cost of living increase. Every year I was there, was loosing money staying. coca cola merchandiser reviews Loved my job, to much brown nose to move up. “Give more credit to the merchandisers and make them feel more appreciated.”

Education Requirements

Stores expect certain things and so does your company and they are rarely the same. There is very little opportunity to advance in a very closed off and tribal atmosphere. Unrealistic time table for job completion and tasks. Going site to site and attempting to complete the tasks on time in the allotted time frame is not possible.

  • Bosses always make promises they can’t keep.
  • There aren’t any Outlook reviews of The Coca-Cola Company yet.
  • They shall also be aware of promoting the brand and thus creating an awareness of the product.
  • Busy man, never enough time to talk about everything.
  • You just wouldn’t believe what it takes to get that 12 pack of Coke on the shelf.

The Coca-Cola Company produces only the syrup concentrate; it is then sold to bottlers worldwide that hold its franchise. The bottlers, who contract with the company, produce the final production bottles and in cans with added sweeteners and filtered water. The final product is sold, distributed, and merchandise by the bottlers to the restaurant, vending machine, and retail stores. Here, we will discuss the Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description.

Grocery Bagger Job Descriptions

One of the most crucial positions at Coca-Cola is the merchandiser. Responsible for ensuring that deliveries make it to retailers in their designated area, this position is a great pick for people who thrive in a highly physical environment. If you are interested in this position, you may want to find out more about the Coca-Cola merchandiser job description. Further below, we will be covering the main job duties of this position and other important details. The average pay for a Coca-Cola merchandiser for an hour is about the range of $14-$15.The average annual pay ranges from $24,106 to $43,244.But most of the merchandiser is paid on an hourly basis. The overtime pay for merchandisers is provided. There shall be no hike in the salary as most merchandisers stay in the position only for few years.

I drive my own car and simply drive to the store that need to be merchandised. The product is delivered by the big red coke trucks you see everywhere. There is usually 3-6 pallets of product I have to bust my ass to work to the shelf in about 2 hours. Thats the average time you need to take per store to get finished in a timely manner. You get about 3 loads per week so obviously load days are hell and non load days are heaven.

  • It’s a great choice of work if one is keen to work in a high physical environment.
  • Most managers i got along with especially my own.
  • A typical day of working for Coca-Cola consisted of customer relations between my self and the accounts I was in charge of.
  • It is best suited for fresher as well as experienced.
  • Start time 5am, even if your store for the day is 90 min from home.
  • The officer will work to ensure that Internal controls around reconciliation are adequate, effective and functioning properly.

It’s a more physical job than even a construction worker. They told me this in training but I didn’t believe them until after my first day on the job.

There aren’t any Outlook reviews of The Coca-Cola Company yet. For the majority, we are received good…it is a minority who have been confrontational in regards to recent diversity focus. I really enjoy interaction with my/our customers, we bring each other so much joy…except for the malcontents. Do you think there’s an opportunity for a part time employee to get full time status?

Briefly Describe Your Overall Experience At Your Company

My favorite things about working for Coca Cola was the responsibility of working on your own while operating company vehicle. Getting to know the individuals that you work with and the people working at the stores you serviced. At first it was great but things changed. Management got worse I spend way more time at work than I do with my family. But you’ll make almost as much at kfc or burger king. This place is going to run all its employees away. No matter how hard you work it still isn’t good enough.

What does a warehouse order Builder do?

An order builder fills customer orders and prepares them for shipment. In addition, job responsibilities can include restocking warehouses, organizing orders for outgoing transportation, and monitoring safety conditions.

It is necessary to have dedicated people to stock products like Coke, Lay’s, and stuff like that. Those products move so much that you’d have a Target employee just doing that all day. It can take 6 hours for a Coke guy to complete a hit on just a single Wal-Mart if it’s a big store.

Oh, and as a bonus, the teamsters union I was a part of was ALSO completely useless, so expect the lowest pay of the top 3 beverage companies in the area. Demonstrate a knowledge of reconciliation process and must have led reconciliation teams. Eventually youll have a shot at a sales position and that’s good money. Building displays, working back stock, doing coolers, Etc. Coke is all bulk, you’ll be pulling pallets of Coke mainly, with some minor oddball.

Professional Ethics

Working with Coca-Cola has been one of the greatest achievement in my life in the field of work that also elevated the other spheres of my life. The management board was helpful to new recruits and to anyone who needed help in any way such as during difficult moments when the targets had to be met and the possible seemed very impossible. “Keep supporting employees to do a better job every single day.” “I received minimal direction from supervisor and managers before starting my work day.”

coca cola merchandiser reviews

That is kind of an art btw, because you always have to find a way to make the display you’re supposed to build work regardless of the space or product you actually have on hand. So, those days can be extremely long….and can even oddly be pretty damn stressful, at least surrounding you. Displays are serious business and getting/keeping them is a thing Coke and Pepsi actually send their sales force to fight for. So, if you’re building displays, there can be times when you’re caught in between two arguing people wanting different things done, and just all kinds of stuff. But basically, If you’re day shift, you’ll probably start around 6AM.

A driver’s license is mandatory to acquire this role. An insured vehicle that passes the motor vehicle check. They must be physically fit and able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds. They must operate a pallet jack that works manually, carried by the carts weighing up to 2200 pounds. The work environment of a Coca-Cola merchandiser involves extreme physical work. It requires lifting the containers that weigh about 75 pounds regularly throughout the day. In addition to the above said, one shall spend their maximum hours in stores by crouching over your knees while arranging or rearranging the store’s products.

Beer Merchandiser Job Description

The hours are decent, you work 6 am to 2 pm most days, unless you’re needed elsewhere, typically in emergency situations. They pay for FT is a daily rate of pay, which can be rough at times, and other times be a steal. You work 10 hours in a day at say $120/day, you made $12/hour. You work 6 hours in day, you made $20/hour. As a Merchandiser, we didn’t have a manager/supervisor per se. He was over ALL the merch guys and sales reps for his area .

What a merchandiser should know?

Merchandisers are responsible for everything that happens to a product from the moment it is delivered to the store to the moment a shopper picks it up off the shelf. They monitor product appearance and supply in various stores throughout their designated geographic area. … Maintaining inventory of products.

I’m gonna go with take the interview if they offer you one. Make sure you know if you get paid while driving/mileage or gas money though or it could offset the salary difference, potentially. Overall, the soda industry is in a state of decline, with consumption declining by about 1 percent per year over the past 12 years. Concern about the health effects of drinking soda is a major factor in this decline, as consumers are seeking alternatives to sugary soft drinks, in particular flavored waters and seltzer.

With a wide range of benefits and a decent starting pay rate, it’s a good position for both new and experienced workers to consider. To find out more about these types of openings, head over to the Coca-Cola careers page for more information.

Another good but bad thing about it is that there’s no shift end time. You’re just done when you’re done, so on non-truck days you might only get 5 or 6 hours in a day….but you also might see some 14 or 15 hour days when shit hits the fan during a holiday week. Start time 5am, even if your store for the day is 90 min from home. They say u can go at your own pace and finish fast, but u can’t. They expect 8 hours of work, sometimes 4 hours of driving from store to store. 12 hour days almost everyday and u only get a daily rate. Your family is not important, if you apply for fmla they will fire you the next day.

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coca cola merchandiser reviews

Do you have to go to the office when you start your shift or do you just leave from home and go to your first store? How many stores do you have to do per day on average? I work for pepsi and the merchandisers don’t drive the trucks, they drive their own vehicle to each store. I think some of them get commission plus mileage but that might be a different job. In addition to their base compensation package, Coca-Cola merchandisers are also eligible for benefits like 401k, paid vacation, and health insurance. In some instances, stock options are also a part of your benefits package as well.

Team Lead

Also, you should perform higher height reaching movements. The crucial point of this position requires one to operate the box truck safely. As you walk into the store, you get your hands on Coca-cola, well that is the impact of the product that is running in the market for hundred years. This is the scenario, as one cannot find the beverage in the store without the merchandiser. Like any other brand, the Coca-Cola Company hires the merchandiser to work in the stores to deliver products. Merchandiser is one of the most crucial positions in the Coca-Cola Company. They are responsible for ensuring that the deliveries of the product make it safely to the retailers.

coca cola merchandiser reviews

They are responsible for the bottled product deliveries to reach the retailers out there that are assigned in a specified area. They shall also be aware of promoting the brand and thus creating an awareness of the product. They shall ensure the display of the product and to do the marketing effectively. Thereby enabling the availability of products to the customers. The duties, responsibilities, and salary of a Merchandiser and many other details are provided below. Long hours would start at 6am and not get off till 9 or 10pm. I stared as a part-time merchandiser then was promoted to full-time with in six months, after about 4 months full-time mechanizing is was promoted to presales/bulk merchandizer.

In response, the Coca-Cola Company is also shifting its focus, offering more “healthy” alternatives. Coke merchandisers, therefore, are likely to find that they are stocking less Coke and Diet Coke on the shelves, and more Dasani bottled water. They involve in the transportation of the product from the warehouse to various retailer stores in the designated area.

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